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Cryptovision Mindshare 2017

Programm Enterprise IT und Speaker

Einige der Besten Experten der IT Sicherheit für Enterprise IT, sprechen für Sie auf der Cryptovision Mindshare 2017. Hier können Sie sich anmelden

Dienstag 11.07.2017

10:00 Welcome Reception
10:30 Welcome to Mindshare 2017
Markus Hoffmeister, CEO, cryptovision
Marco Smeja, Executive VP Sales, cryptovision
11:00 Let‘s Gamify
Klaus Schmeh, Marketing Manager, cryptovision
11:45 Room Change / Coffee Break / Exhibition Opening
12:00 cryptovision‘s Enterprise Solutions
Guido Ringel, Product Manager, cryptovision;
Brian Kowal, Sales Manager America, cryptovision
cryptovision’s Government Solutions
Benjamin Drisch, Product Manager, cryptovision; Adam Ross, Sales Manager eID, cryptovision
13:00 Lunch Break
14:00 IGEL OS and cryptovision sc/interface – A Perfect Match for Secure Logon and Endpoint Management Scenarios
Jan Hendrik Tendahl, IGEL
Citizen Biometric Authentication based on e-Document Verification – e-Government Perspective
Ksenia Egorova, X-Infotech
cryptovision’s Banking Solutions
Benjamin Drisch, Product Manager, cryptovision
14:30 Red Team, Blue Team and Hunt Team
Adrian Janotta, Janotta und Partner
IT Security Challenges within Complex Hybrid Infrastructures
Carolin Desiré Töpfer, Digitalisierung Jetzt!
To be confirmed
Stephane Livet, SPS
15:15 Beyond the Smart Card
Vincent Hervo, Product Manager, IDnomic
Checking E-passports – The Dutch Solution
Arnold Hogerhuis, Paul Faber, Dutch Ministery of Justice
To be confirmed
15:45 Break
17:00 Meet the Experts
17:00 Summer Party


Mittwoch 12.07.2017

10:45 Credential Security – What You Should Know about Your Identity on Windows Machines! – Matthias Wessner, Login Consultants Government eID Trends in the Middle East and GCC Region
Trustfellows, Abu Dhabi
11:15 Coffee Break / Exhibition
11:45 Biometric identification for industries on the riseTBD;
Oliver von Treuenfels, Dermalog
to be confirmed
12:15 Intel® Software Guard Extensions (SGX)
Dr. Matthias Hahn, Intel
ECOWAS Biometric Identity Card and eID based cross border travel
NIMC, Nigeria
12:45 Lunch Break
13:45 New eIDAS Services: Qualified Seal and Remote Signature, New Chances for Qualified Trust Services
Kim Nguyen, D-Trust
eVoting, current perspective and future vision
Mr. Erik Bazan, Mrs. Gladys Linares
ONPE, Peru
14:15 E.ON
Bernhard Hölcker, E.ON
eID & ePassport Ecuadorian Projects
Mrs Mercedes Játiva, Mr Fernando Vaca
IGM, Ecuador 
14:45 FITSA – Functional IT Security Architecture, Innovative Approach to Enable Secure Federation and Information Exchange for Mission Network
Jörg Eschweiler, ATOS
to be confirmed
(government project)
15:15 Room Change / Coffee Break
15:30 Saving the Best for Last
Marco Smeja, Executive VP Sales, cryptovision

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